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Flight Safety Extra

08 November 2017
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The monthly e-newsletter was sent initially to all those who subscribe to GASCo Flight Safety magazine and those who  indicated that they wished to receive safety information from GASCo at seminars, safety evenings and other events.  The circulation is growing throughout the General Aviation Community and the editor welcomes your feedback on how the newsletter can be improved.  If you do not wish to receive a copy of the magazine, please use the Unsubscribe link and we'll stop sending it to you immediately. 

Flight Safety Extra complements GASCo's magazine, Flight Safety and is another channel by which we hope to get flight safety information to you in a convenient way.  There are many valuable sources for such information and we are not attempting  to replace or usurp these or become a 'one stop shop' but we think that there is a place for a monthly flight safety news roundup to reduce the chance of important or interesting information being missed.


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