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Statistics - Analysis of Pilots' Survey Returns

18 April 2013

Did you know that for a couple of years now, pilots who have had an airspace infringement in NATS-controlled airspace the UK have been asked by NATS to fill out a survey against a number of questions about the incident? This has allowed data to be collected to provide information and guidance on where resources can be targeted to help reduce future problems for all. With nearly 400 responses by the end of 2012, here is some of the stats and analysis, causal factors, and pilot lessons learned stats - Analysis of Pilots Surveys Release 1

Unless you know a lot about the data collection, you may end up making a different assumption about the results compared to other readers. The survey does not contain data from ALL infringements. It is a NATS survey of infringers of NATS controlled airspace, obviously when the infringer could be tracked and identified, and even then, filling in the survey by the pilot is voluntary, although it must be said, most G.A. pilots have been extremely cooperative when asked. It also is unlikely to contain any data from the serious cases which progressed well down the prosecution route. So be aware of that background, and it has been extremely useful in helping NATS to target the next round of education material and we know a lot of key messages that lead to infringements - perhaps we don't know them all, but trends are definitely emerging, which we'll go into soon.

Do you have any best of breed tips of your own to spread around? One that Goodwood has taught in the past has been to amend the 'FREDA' check to include a positive identification of exact position, thereby concentrating the mind on 'where exactly am I?' every 5 to 10 minutes in case distractions are beginning to, well, distract!

More information can be found on FlyOnTrack



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